Colorglower is a free online tool to get lighter or darker shades of a hex color code. Adjust how much shade by using the percentage slider. Great reference for web designers to discover different color palettes for their projects.


What is Colorglower?

Colorglower is a tool that allows you to lighten and darken colors, specifically a hexadecimal color code. It aims to help front end developers and designers to find the perfect color variations for their projects. It is particularly useful in experimenting with different color combinations for styling HTML control through CSS in relation to your page design such as links, texts, hovers, background-colors, borders etc.

Okay, how do i use it?

Just pick a color from the colorpicker textbox. Adjust the shade percentage and click submit. Lighten or darken the color by clicking the buttons at the top and bottom of the color result.

Cool, I have a question/comment/suggestion.

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